A supporter chant at every MLS game ensures total fan participation

Secondary research revealed a young latino audience. This moodboard visualizes what the user may own or do.

Primary Strategy focuses on rewarding viewers for maintaining a high standard of integrity.

Incentivize good behavior through special seating.

Major League Soccer

In 2012, the MLS had their first real scandal when a player used a homosexual slur on national television. From that point, the MLS developed a program called "Don't Cross The Line", dedicated to eradicating racism, sexism, homophobia, and help position the MLS as a "safe haven" for soccer players to play and be respected.

We were engaged to develop a new strategy, and my group focused on utilizing the already vibrant Supporter Clubs to spread the message. Through fan chants, special sections, youth leagues, special uniforms


Encourage positive social behavior at all levels of the MLS experience.

Campaign Objectives:

Have all members of the MLS community take the Don’t Cross the Line Pledge as a promise to treat all people with dignity,respect & to create a large-scale community activation & marketing plan through various initiatives.


Screaming at the top of your lungs with fellow fans, you live for the electricity of the crowd, the high-fives & the hysteria after that precious goal. It is the MLS community that makes your experience special. Honor your shared love for soccer. From the dance of the dribble to the ear wrenching chants of the opposition, celebrate the diversity & expressive nature of the game. Be kind & respect one another.

Don’t Cross the Line.


Continue with “Don’t Cross the Line” tag to build upon a successful launch campaign & form a cohesive platform

Leverage the fact that diversity & self-expression are ingrained in the nature of the game & celebrated by soccer enthusiasts

Harness the electric energy generated by Supporter Clubs that makes the in-stadium experience so unique

Utilize the Clubs as a channel to spread “Don’t Cross the Line” messaging to all members of the MLS Community




Major League Soccer


Strategic & Creative Direction


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