I've had a lot of experiences, roles, and titles over the years, but the important thing to note is that I like to solve complex challenges, whether it's building the strategy & execution for clinical trial optimization products, building a brand for the Museum of Modern Art, or developing a hundred ways to improve the subway...I'm best in ambiguous situations, where I flex my skills & knowledge in design thinking, servant leadership, user experience design, design ops, and pop culture references to figure out the right solutions, and how to get there.

I have a strong point of view when it comes to my process.

👀 Observe

I think of observing like this: some species of jellyfish float in the ocean, collecting prey as they float along.
For me, I use divergent thinking about the world in front of me, and pick out the things that are intriguing for a user or aligned to the project I’m working on.

  • For example, I’ll notice that on a design team, each person has their own way of producing documentation.

🥛 Reflect

When I reflect, I take what I’ve observed and I ask it a direct question: “Why does that matter?”.
I consider the situations, the ecosystems, the personalities in play, existing solutions…an attempt to answer that direct question.

  • Back to the example: each teammate has their own process because they had to create processes our of necessity, informed by personal experiences.

🖌️ Create

If design is the intent behind an outcome, then this is where observations and reflections take hold. There is no one perfect solution for a challenge, so I focus on the extreme use cases, as the middle tends to be solved if you solve for those.

  • In the example I’ve been illustrating, I would converge the processes, find the overlaps, and validate which methods are working correctly. The solution is a combination of efforts and is inclusive of all individuals.

Current focus

I'm currently looking for the next big challenge. I love emerging technologies and AI, and focusing on challenges that are systemic. I'm super curious about government, healthcare, and social focuses, but not shy about getting into enterprise software, cloud technologies, and just about anything else. I tend to throw my all into a project.

Speaking, Mentoring, Facilitation opportunities

I love being able to speak in front of audiences about the work I do, because it gives me a chance to inspire people to go and create change on their own. I also am well versed in educating others, and leading workshops.

Speaking engagements

  • AI Design Panel SXSW 2020 (Cancelled)
  • Seattle Interactive Conference, 2019
  • AIGA Education Summit, 2016
  • Phoenix Design Week, 2016
  • New York Transit Museum, 2013
  • NYU Rudin Center, 2013
  • Hyperakt Lunch Talks, 2013

Notable Education, Mentoring, Facilitation opportunities

  • 2020 Watson Health Annual Seller Meeting (largest facilitation in NA)
  • 2017 Incubator ‘Robocop'  (designer training program)
  • 2016 Weather Company alignment workshop

  • 2015 Maelstrom workshops (intern training program)
  • 2014 DesignCamp for Industry Hires (co-creator of training program)
  • 2014 Mobile Innovation Lab Client Workshops
  • 2014 Product Leadership Summit for IBM

Notable External workshop opportunities

  • Texas Mobility Summit 2017
  • AIGA Leadership Summit 2017
  • AIGA Education Summit 2016
  • Phoenix Design Week 2016
  • AIGA Leadership Summit 2016
  • AIGA Design Conference 2015