IBM Personalitee

    At SXSW 2017, IBM needed activations that would should how our technologies connect to humanity. At the time, I was working on Watson, and very interested human-computer communication.

    Working with a small team of 3 other designers, we built an experience that positioned Watson as a personality test, allowing it to ask users questions, then using an algorithm to align their answers to one of five personalities. At the end of the experience, the user received a t-shirt designed to match their "personalitee". The end result was fun, engaging, and humanizing. Randy's role on the team involved the strategy, UX deliverables & prototypes, dialogue writing, content strategy, and creative direction for the experience.


  • Over 1200 participants/day
  • Multiple clients & executive level reach
  • CEO Ginni Rommety even experienced the project
  • T-shirts still worn throughout the Austin area today

Collaborated with

1 Project Lead/Visual Designer
1 Full Stack Developer
1 Distinguished Designer (focus on AI)