IBM Community Radio


IBMers needed a place to express themselves, whether a need for creative output or out of a need to articulate their emotions about the business unit they were in, or a place to learn. At the time, the current infrastructure of IBM was insufficient for these needs.


In the spirit of Pirate Radio, an audio stream was built that hosts & records content, along with providing several studio spaces globally for those purposes.
Randy's primary responsibilities involve the financing of the station, content guidance, providing tutorials/tech support, creative direction of the brand, speaking publicly about Radio, and occasional host/cohost.


2019 - 2020 Total User Count: 3,775 Listeners across IBM (0.9% total IBM population)

Community Impact:
IBM Community Radio is seen as a platform for IBMers to express themselves, through music or talk, regardless of location. We support a global network of 13 locations spread across 7 countries, with a diverse and inclusive network of hosts and content providers.

Business Impact:
  • Over 20+ voiceovers for Global Business Services clients
  • Voiceover services for Watson Health
  • Presented the story of IBM Radio at Seattle Interactive, 2019
  • Audio services for Patterns/Incubator (training program)
  • Home for Designline series (internal Design podcast)
  • Hosted talks/Audio for Artcenter/University of Texas/AIGA Austin
  • Prominent feature of Kid's Day every year in Austin
  • Provided a space for podcast recordings for IBM Cloud, IBM EDT, Watson, IBM CHQ, and IBM Marketing
  • SXSW 2017/2016 Audio Hosts for multiple talks from global CEOS, customers, and leaders within IBM (including Chairwoman Ginni Rometti)
Date: 2014 - 2020
Client: IBM
Role: Design Strategy / Content Strategy / Design Ops / CFO / Design Research / Audio Production / UXD