Museum Of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art Design Store came to my class at the School of Visual Arts with a brief to create a unique identity for their Destination: NYC series of design products, without relying on the tired cliches' that exist in New York (skylines, apples, taxis).


We focused our idea around the notion that New York City is enlightening. People come to NYC for a variety of reasons, and no matter what that reason is, it's rooted in looking for something deeper in life. A meaning to themselves and what they do. Keeping that mind, we were inspired religious imagery, the lights in times square, and the Manhattanhenge. We used lights, gels, & stencils to create an identity that changes shape, featuring a ghostly appearance, that intrigues the viewer to look deeper into the identity. Like the people in New York City, it's constantly changing, and constantly moving.