Photo care of the Brewtography Project :

Photo care of the Brewtography Project :

Desteeg Brewing

Denver, Colorado is home to many beer companies. My client wanted to amplify his brand by acting as a speakeasy, selling limited runs of high powered craft beers, with no advertising, and barely a sign.

I developed his positioning & visual assets, combining elements of mystery & hard working craft beer spirit.

With this brand intact, he has become a highlight in the Denver scene. 


After a forced name change, I worked with the client to figure out an idea of  positioning himself as a speakeasy, that operates solely off of word of mouth. Out of the names he had considered, "De Steeg" was the most fitting, as it's Belgian for "The Alley". We further figured out the kind of emotions he wanted to generate for the patrons, including a sense of mystery, via a lack of visible signage, an ever-changing tap list, and a focus on advertising solely through facebook & friends.