Beauty In Error

Class Project:

Identify a trend from the year of 2012, research the history of said trend, make informed conclusions about the trend, and develop a potential future product or service based on the trend. 

We also had to construct books to tell these stories. I built this out of laser cut acrylic, pages printed on vellum, and changing fonts/grid on every page in order to speak of the trend of Glitches.


Glitches are spontaneous, but contemporary manifestations in art & pop culture are deliberate. 

So I theorized that glitches were about the notion of surprise & delight. We're seeking delight in intentional errors, and instead of being frustrated by them, we're happy about glitches. Culturally, it shows that we're desiring radical changes from what we've known for the past few years, and that we crave the unique & the unexpected. Also, we're embracing the human quirks of technology, as a way to not lose ourselves in the wave of future tech. 

I identified several characteristics that run in line with glitches.

Familiarity: Scanlines & blurred images bring nostalgia to glitches, similar to tub television & scrambled cable from our youth.

Unpredictability: Pixels & test patterns bring a desire for excitement & depth in life. They are random.

Chaos: Different than unpredictability, chaos is full of broken images. It represents the inherent energy that exists in all of us.

Skills used:

Trend Analysis, Hypothesis generation, Design Research, Idea Generation, Product Research, Graphic Design

Future application:

I took a hard look at the products and brands we have in our lives, and I identified that the one product that has gotten a little boring with technology is reading. We're losing the tactile experience of reading a book, simply put. So I conceptualized a book/luxury product that would combine the latest in GPS, environmental sensors, wifi, and flexible LED screens to create a reading experience unlike any other.  The product, "Short Stories", developed jointly by Taschen & Arduino, would push random stories to the reader depending on day, weather, and location. This way, the user could experience something completely random, yet enjoyable.  I also developed a full development strategy, including a timeline for completion. 




School of Visual Arts Masters in Branding


Designer, Researcher