100 Ways to Improve the NYC Subway


For the next 100 Days, I will propose various improvements to the New York City Subway, which in 2012 had 1.6 billion riders, and should be seen as the best subway in the country, if not the world. I'll be exploring various ideas, from UX, Environmental, Co-Branding, Audio/Visual, and more, including potential interviews with MTA employees. 


Being tasked with a 100 Day project, I'm leveraging my abilities in innovation, observation,  human-centric design, and strategic thinking to develop compelling ideas everyday, with the goal of sparking discussion about our transportation systems. When preparing for this project, I witnessed an individual on the subway having difficulty getting across the platform in his wheelchair to an elevator without knowing if the elevator was actually working or not. 

I make these observations daily, and attempt to develop solutions for them. The main goal of the executions is to spark deeper thought about the themes. Hand Sanitizers lead to a discussion about cleanliness, and so forth.



Second Ave. Sagas


I have also been interviewed by several respected organizations, such as The Atlantic, Fast Company, and WNYC.

Interview with Brian Lehrer on WYNC

The Atlantic: Cities

Fast Company: Exist

As a result of all of the press, I was invited to speak at Hyperakt, as part of their Lunch Talk series. A 40 minute talk ended with 45 minutes of Q&A, discussion, and even arguments. Fantastic experience.

I have also been invited to exhibit in the Transform KC project, with the goal of inspiring the mass transit system of Kansas City. I will also be exhibiting with Rider's Alliance.