I worked with the head illustrator to develop some of the graphics for the application.

We wanted the app to have a rustic feel, yet maintain the brand's core identity traits..

We added a tile puzzle game to maintain user interaction.

Upon checking into a graphic, the user is presented with educational data, and a CTA to visit the website.

I developed wireframes for every screen in the app, and user tested them with a small sample.

I utilized Balsamiq Mockups to present a purely UX focused of view of the app.

U-Haul SuperGraphics Game

U-Haul's SuperGraphics program is dedicated to educating the public about unique scientific features & discoveries in North America. Working with an iPhone developer, I designed an application which enables the user to quickly spot and tag a U-Haul SuperGraphic when they see them on the moving company's iconic trucks. Each graphic gets their own section devoted to learning more about the subject, and the ability to share one's discoveries on the user's favorite social platform.

For the latest version of the game, a complete overhaul was necessary. I broke down the individual components of the game, user testing every feature in the wireframe phrase, while keeping in touch with the iOS developer, learning what his capabilities were. I then completed a visual refresh, adapting a rustic feel to add a sense of adventure to the application, while maintaining brand specific colors & fonts.