Upon signing up for the software, the user can be presented with a modal window that points out the various functions of the software.

A simple site flow helps the client figure out what goes where in terms of site architecture.

Taking a lot of content and separating it out with the use of white space and headers helps the eyes navigate a content-dense page more easily.

Their software runs on a variety of platforms, and we needed to figure out a way to deliver the initialization code to developers in a way that wasn't intrusive.

By adding tools like the ability to expand content, this page cuts back on visual clutter, helping the user focus on what they need to find.

Simple email template used for thanking users of Marketo webcasts.

My roles also include coding standards-compliant HTML and CSS, integrating new webfont technologies, all on responsive frameworks.

Sauce Labs ux/ui

SauceLabs is a startup located in San Francisco, that focuses on providing cloud-based server testing to their clients, including companies like Yelp, EventBrite, and the Mozilla Foundation. As a UX consultant, my primary role is to help better the experience for users to find information about their product, sign up for the product, and once the user is logged in,  how they utilize the software.

As a secondary role, I code many pages in standards-compliant html and css on a responsive framework, including utilizing webfont technologies like Google Fonts and HF&J's CloudTypography.